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  • Benefits of Choosing a Bamboo Blanket

    Benefits of Choosing a Bamboo Blanket

    Have you ever heard of a bamboo blanket? It is an excellent product that offers lots of comfort. These blankets are made from ultra soft bamboo fiber that makes it a great pleasure for you to snuggle in. Bamboo blanket is preferred by many due to its softness that offers enhanced comfort. Bamboo...
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  • A Guide to Buying Blankets

    A Guide to Buying Blankets

    How to pick the right blanket for your bed. When nighttime temperatures take a tumble, reach for a blanket to add an extra layer of cozy warmth to your bed. Blankets tend to go unseen and unsung – it’s your comforter or duvet that takes top billing as the star of the bed, and your sheets that pro...
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  • 5 Ways You’re Ruining Your Bath Towels

    5 Ways You’re Ruining Your Bath Towels

    Washing With Too Much Detergent Why it’s a problem: Too much detergent can actually stiffen towels. Plus, it’s not necessary. “Towels already absorb residual soap from our bodies, and because they’re used to dry clean skin, they don’t contain that much dirt,” says Donna Smallin Kuper, certified h...
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  • How to Choose Towels

    How to Choose Towels

    Shopping for towels is a touchy process. Sure, you want to buy towels that feel soft and luxurious, but what does ‘gram count’ really mean? And how do you tell the difference between Turkish cotton and Egyptian cotton or pick from a rainbow of colors and patterns? Before you throw in the towel to...
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